- Corporate communications

- Advertising and promotion

- Public relations

- Marketing programs

- Video News releases

- New product launch

- Product branding

- Training and orientation

- Documentary and drama

- Broadcasts and webcasts

We adopt wide range of services in all aspects of production and digital multimedia. Utilizing latest technologies we can handle projects, both large and small, from initial concept to distribution. Our tools include artistic as well as technical processes to help in achieving unique goals that inspire, motivate and entertain.



- Cinematography and directing

- B-Roll and 2nd unit cinematography

- Production management

- Computer based editing

- Project development, coordination and        consultation
- Pre-production and location services 
- Complete HD field production 
- Output to broadcast standards, web, DVD    and point of sale
- Live event location production

- Storyboarding services

- Lighting, grip and sound packages